Xbox Design Labs Returns for the Next Gen Controllers

Xbox Design Labs Returns for the Next Gen Controllers

Gaming in 2021 is gearing up to be one of the best yet. From 30+ announcements from Xbox to a new Metroid game announcement the amount of exciting news has scares. Xbox took to the stage a few days after E3 ended for an extended showcase featuring commentary with the developers related to the new games that are releasing. During this extended showcase, Navin Kumar, Director of Product Marketing, introduced the new installment of the Xbox Design Lab.

There are 18 colors that can be used on just about every inch of the controller, three of these colors are new to the Design lab, they are: Shock Blue, Pulse Red, and Electric Volt, which is a very bright and cool yellow color. Xbox is keeping the environment in mind with these new paints. The paints contain things like ground up headlight, recycled water bottles all to keep the paints environmentally friendly. Other customizable items include the style and color of the XYAB buttons, and the ability add an inscription on the front of the controller. Many people are excited for this service to return and have already bought personalized controllers. What will you create as your one of a kind Xbox controller?

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