Pokémon Unite comes to Nintendo Switch in July

Pokémon Unite comes to Nintendo Switch in July

Announced almost a year ago on June 24th, 2020, Pokémon Unite is closer to a release date. The official word from Pokémon is the game will come to Nintendo Switch July of 2021, and mobile devices in September 2021. The game will feature around 20 playable Pokémon in a 5v5 battle. The two teams compete in a 5v5 battle to connect Aeos energy that is unique the special island in this game. Cross-platform is planned for Nintendo Switch and mobile device, linking your Nintendo account or Pokémon Trainer club will allow you to use data on any device.

Player will collect this energy and deposit it into one of their opponents’ goal zone. The team to gets the most points wins the match. Each Pokémon appears to have unique strengths that aid them in the match, the five types are Attackers, speedster, All-rounder, Defender, and Supporter. Pokémon Unite appears to be the first Pokémon game in the multiplayer online battle arena genre, it will be interesting to see whether it is received well or not.

Will you start playing this game when it releases?

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