Mario Gold Super Rush: A Pro Golf Experience

Mario Gold Super Rush: A Pro Golf Experience

Mario and his friends are back on the gold course with Mario Golf: Super Rush. The game is presented with easy-to-use controls on the Nintendo switch which can utilize button controls or detach the Joy Cons and play the game utilizing motion controls swinging the Joy-Cons like a golf club will have the same reaction in the game. The game features 16 playable characters each with their own strengths, such as power, control, and spin. Up to four players can play a course together at one time. The online mode lets you play in online battles with friends and others online.

The game features an abundance of courses that are wrapped in a Mario theme that add some interesting challenges to the courses. Most the most notable feature of the game is the inclusion of a new mode called Speed Golf. This mode has all players teeing off at one time, then running to your ball. You will collect items and encounter obstacles along this way. Each player has a dash and special shot skill that can be used in several ways, such as clearing the course of other balls and knocking over players.

The last mode added to the game is called Battle Golf. Like Speed Golf but the object is to be the first player to capture three flags from any of the nine holes on the board.

Golf Adventure: used to level up your rookie Mii character. This mode includes practices areas within game coaches. Missions with challenging obstacles and boss battels. There is even an RPG element to your Mii where you can level up your character and that Mii can be used in VS play.

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