Fight Stuffed Animals in the New game Party Animals

Fight Stuffed Animals in the New game Party Animals

Party Animals is a new battle style game with a release date of 2022. The almost minute and a half trailer shows a group of stuffed animals stopping at nothing to take down their opponents. The web page shows an assortment of seven weapons that can be used in the game. They range from crossbows, baseball bats, tennis rackets shovels and more. The trailer also seems to hint to some environmental elements that can be utilized, such as headbutting your opponent off the board, tossing them into a flaming furnace. The last player standing is announced as the winner. The website also lists around eleven characters that can be played. The cute characters are shown as dogs, rabbits, otters, alligators and more. The game will be on Xbox Game Pass on day one and it sure to bring lot of fun for a party environment. I cannot wait.


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